A Slice of Wife


Powerbooks and National Bookstore went on a 20%-off sale on their imported books. I got the following two books. Got the book descriptions from Amazon.com

  1. BASIC GARDENING: A Guide for the Horticulturally Helpless by Yvonne Cunnington— “Chapters are arranged in a simple style for easy reference,so you can quickly find information about soils, light conditions, how to buy plants, lawn care, shade gardening, growing vegetables, and much much more” (review of John Valleau as found in  http://www.flower-gardening-made-easy.com/Gardening-book.html )
  1. FLAVOURS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN by Olivier Baussan and French chef Meulien. ”The authors first present the ingredients, condiments, and cooking methods common to the Mediterranean region, before laying out 90 recipes to suit every occasion. Through the different chapters— Seasonal Vegetables, Seafood, Market Produce, Meat and Game, and Garden and Orchard Produce—readers are treated to recipes ranging from olive soup with anchovies and three-pepper caviar to roast peaches with basil and lime-blossom juice. The table is set for unforgettable meals. ”